Veras Communications


Client References

If you are interested in inquiring about VCI with one of the references below, please contact us at for contact information.

  • Stephen Perry, President, Pro Football Hall of Fame

  • Roger Goodell, Commissioner National Football League

  • Dick Ebersol, President NBC Sports

  • Claude Ruibal, CEO Google/YouTube Sports

  • Allen Sirkin, CEO Phillips Van Heusen

  • John Catsimatides, President/CEO Big Apple Group

  • Archbishop Demetrious, Prelate of Greek Orthodoxy of the Americas

  • Jim Bell, Executive Producer TODAY Show

  • John A Walsh, Senior Vice President and Executive Editor ESPN

  • John Collins, COO National Hockey League

  • Jim Nantz, CBS Sports

  • Venkat Vardhan, President DNA Networks,

  • Brian Powers, President PMTV,

  • Shirley Morgenstern, President Cleveland Pops Orchestra

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