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VCI has received 10 Emmys and 31 Emmy nominations
Television is a collaborative medium and VCI has been fortunate to work along side many great production teams and individuals in being awarded these National Sports Emmys as a PRODUCER while at CBS Sports from 1981-1993; NFL on CBS, NBA on CBS, NCAA Basketball Tournament, World Series Pregame and CBS Sports Saturday and Sports Sunday. After founding VCI in 1993, VCI has received these National Sports Emmys as a PRODUCER; ESPN's SportsCentury and Beyond and NBC's 2002 Winter Olympics and NBC's 2004 Summer Olympics.
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CINE Awards Renowned for the Golden Eagles it awards for excellence in documentary and other informational film and video production, the CINE AWARD is to PBS what the EMMYS are to the networks. VCI and NJN received a CINE award for their 2001 documentary "Tight on the Spiral" the history of NFL FIlms. Narrated by Pat O'Brien, the documentary examines how NFL FIlms grew from Ed Sabol's home movie buff's dream in to the leading film studio on the East Coast, run by his son, Steve Sabol. The CINE AWARD continues to recognize and foster the highest quality of non-theatrical film and video production through its semi-annual competitions.

Cleveland PopsAppointed to the Board on July 10th for a two year term. The Cleveland Pops Orchestra enters its second decade, bringing Clevelanders a unique blend of orchestral and instrumental music under the baton of Carl Topilow. Coming up in the 2006-2007 season will be the following shows, at Severance Hall, the home of the Cleveland Orchestra.

In October, the exciting Broadway Divas, three Broadway stars who bring their special brand of entertainment to our stage. On February 13th, a Valentine concert called "An Affair to Remember" will echo our memorable Valentine concerts of the past. March brings the dynamic "A Time for Three", whose youthful sounds of bluegrass, jazz, classical and country/western give the word "fiddlin' " new meaning and, in April, the return of our successful collaboration with the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra. Daniel Rodriguez, whose well documented story as the singing New York City policeman, will help us celebrate our Memorial Day weekend concert with selections from his album entitled Spirit of America.

Our traditional New Year's Eve concert will feature a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the original Star Wars movie. For more information go to

George Veras was elected to a new four year term (2004-2008) on the Board of Trustees to this private high school and college in Thessaloniki, Greece, announced by President Richard Jackson. VCI delivered the 2002 commencement address and will assist the college in its efforts to market itself around the world. It is a beacon for study for Greek-Americans who want to have the full Greek experience and a degree from Anatolia is a passport to working in the Balkans and internationally.

Trinity Children's Foundation VCI was placed on the Board of Directors for Trinity Children's Services in December 2001 and recently appointed to the Trinity Children's Foundation through 2008. The Foundation is setting the standard for high quality children's services across the country. Founded in 1966, Trinity uses innovative techniques and highly trained counselors to provide guidance and support while meeting the daily needs of more than 1,500 at-risk children per day. The agency's mission is to help those who have been victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment heal and return to their families as healthy and productive members of society. Trinity currently operates eight major residential treatment programs, five group homes, and twenty foster care programs and is licensed in the states of California, Texas, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. Trinity serves children from infancy to age 18 regardless of their ethnic, cultural, or religious background and has provided hope and safety for over 35,000 children, healing their spirit and allowing them the opportunity to become whatever they choose to be. For more information, call 1.800.543.7730 or visit

Shaker Heights High School Shaker Heights Hall of Fame
George Veras graduated from Shaker Heights High School in l968 and in l991 was inducted into their Hall of Fame. Other honorees include Roger Penske and Paul Newman.

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