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2003 National PBS Pledge Producer
VCI wrote, produced and directed ten national pledge specials for PBS, including-Chicago, American Tenors, Sissel, Mariachi Band, Yanni, Michael Flatley, Carole King at PBS stations in Maryland, South Carolina, San Diego, New York, Chicago and West Palm Beach in front of live studio audiences with national PBS talent Laura Savini (WLIW), Mary Wolsey(WNET) and Greg Sherwood (KQED)

The National Television Academy has nominated BIRTHDAY LIVE in the category of Outstanding Special Class Directing for the 31st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (Directors David Stern, George Veras and Lynn Hermstad). The awards recognize outstanding achievement in all fields of daytime television production and are presented to individuals and programs broadcast during the 2003 calendar year.

The Discovery Health Channel's Birthday Live show gave DHC some of its highest rated primetime hours in its history. For the second year in a row, Discovery Health Channel broadcasted Live for ten straight hours at hospitals around the country. The program provided an intimate and rare look at birth while getting to know the moms and dads as well as their doctors and nurses, live and unedited. The program was a technical miracle itself, employing over 200 people utilizing over 50 cameras and 150 microphones in order to deliver 32 healthy babies on air.

VCI directed the show in its initial year and produced last year's Baton Rouge venue and will produce this year's Silver Springs, Maryland venue. Mark Poertner is the Executive Producer for DISCOVERY, David Stern is the Coordinating Producer and Director.

TRADING SPACESTrading Spaces Live
On Saturday, January 18 at 9PM ET/PT, TLC's TRADING SPACES hit the jackpot with its Vegas: Live Reveal episode. TLC's hit sensation and top-rated program TRADING SPACES made its debut appearance in the Entertainment Capital of the World with a 'live reveal' of the last 10 minutes of the episode during prime time. VCI directed the segment. and packaged the entire live event, including all satellite uplinks and television crew This show was seen by eight million viewers, one of 2003 highest rated cable TV shows

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