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"The Legend of Jimmy the Greek" aired at 8pm on November 10th and drew one million viewers, tying it for the most watched ESPN 30 for 30 to date with the Len Bias story. Prior to the show, Veras conducted radio interviews with Mike Francesa on WFAN on Tuesday November 9th (go to to listen) Peter King and Randy Cross on SIRIUS NFL Radio, Eleni Daniels on Hellenic Public Radio (listen to the interview) and numerous newspaper interviews. The show was most favorably reviewed, with Director Fritz Mitchell receiving many plaudits for his insightful piecing together of Jimmy's incredible life, separating the myth from the reality. Appearing in the show are Brent Musburger, Phyllis George, Irv Cross, Dan Rather, George Veras, Frank Deford, former NFL Today writer Gary Paul Gates, former NFL Today Director Bob Fishman and Robert Wussler, the man credited with bringing the four together for The NFL Today. In addition, for the first time ever, Jimmy's son, Anthony Snyder, and Jimmy's brother and sister appeared in the show. Mitchell employed an effective first person voice of Jimmy, using well known Greek performer Basil, as well as a "Greek" look alike actor. Where other networks turned down the show, Veras finally convinced ESPN, after five years, to take on the subject, with current Managing Editor John Walsh and senior producers Mark Durand, Connor Schell and John Dahl supporting the project. There will be other airings of the show. Check ESPN 30 for 30.

Sports Century and Beyond
George Veras and Jeff Filipp co-producers, winner of 2000 National Sports Emmy-Hosted by Chris Fowler, three one hour documentaries on Arnold Palmer, Lou Gehrig and Greg Norman, including on scene interviews with Palmer in his home in Latrobe, Pennslyvania, with Greg Norman's parents in Australia and with Lou Gehring' s last remaining living relatives who knew him.

History Channel
The History Channel

George Steinbrenner Sports Owners: Who's The Boss?
A unique view from P.T. Barnum to Abe Saperstein to today's internet sports moguls. They have often been accused of being dominating dictators, but they have helped fuel an unprecedented boom into the entertainment arena. Legendary owners interviewed for the program include Art Modell, Red Auerbach, Red McCombs, Lamar Hunt, Ted Leonsis, Mark Cuban, Jerry Colangelo and many more! Narrated by sportscaster Al Trautwig, the show will have its national premiere on the HISTORY CHANNEL, Saturday night December 14th at 8PM

Bob Costas Sportscasters Behind the Mike
Narrated by Frank Deford. Radio and television sportscasters from the 1920's until today. The documentary focuses on the legendary announcers and their effects on their sports, medium and the popular culture. (pictured - NBC Sportscaster Bob Costas)

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Basketball's Greatest Dynasties
Hosted by James Brown. A two-hour look at basketball's greatest Celtics (Rosenbloom's), the modern day Boston Celtics, UCLA and the Chicago Bulls. Interviews include: Kareem Abdul Jabbar (pictured), John Wooden, Red Auerbach, Phil Jackson and Pat Riley. World premiere at the Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield, Massachusetts


Cyprus Still Divided
VCI has completed production on their first ever political documentary, "Cyprus Still Divided: A Failure of US Foreign Policy", taking two trips to Cyprus and conducting countless interviews in New York and Washington in an attempt to document ths history leading to the illegal Turkish invasion and the subsequent attempts by a failed United States foreign policy to rectify the situation. VCI has secured a distribution with PBS NETA and with sponsoring station, Detroit Public Teleivsion (DPTV) which will premiere the show on September 13, 2010.

Yanni's Visions of Greece Yanni's Visions of Greece - PBS June 2004
VCI and WLIW have produced the fourth documentary on Greek-Americans and Greece, a special and unique look at Greece through the eyes, voice and music of Yanni. George Veras and Yanni selected fourteen compositions that perfectly match the spectacular beauty of WLIW's HD helicopeter aerial footage of Greece. Yanni narrates personal and historical stories over this stunning montage. Chapters include "The Ancient Temples", "Monasteries", "Beaches", "Grand Vistas" and some of the musical selections include "On Sacred Ground", ""Desire", "Flight of Fantasy" and "Walkabout". Contact WLIW at 516-367-2100 to obtain a copy.

Brentina: From Idaho to Athens
Presented by Rolex, this is a one hour television special that will air in July on CBS stations and UPN stations. Executive producer , producer and writer is Tim Ryan, and the event and orchestra portions of the show is directed by George Veras. The film tells the story of a teenage cancer victim, whose ideals are Dressage rider Debbie McDonald and her World Cup champion and Athens 2004 gold medal favorite horse, Brentina. Brentina is followed on the World Cup trail around the world and then, rides in a her Sun Valley training center, to the live classical music of the 75 piece Sun Valley Symphony Orchestra and in front of a star studded audience of over 1,000 people. VCI directed and produced this event, PMTV was the production facility provider and TVLD provided the lighting.

Homelands Greece
VCI will produce/direct and write the third in the PBS series on Greek-Americans, in conjunction with WLIW Channel 21, Roy Hammond, Executive Producer. VCI will track Greek-Americans who have returned to Greece, not only to re-discover their cultural roots in food, music and song, but more importantly, the spirit of democracy, love of learning, and an introspection that somehow has been carried down from their ancient forebearers. Stories include Foreign Minister George Papandreou, who grew up in Canada and the United States, and today is at the forefront of resolving the Cyprus crisis. Also, over 100 doctors are dedicated their lives to building a $150 million dollar hospital in Greece. It is a documentary of giving back to the birthplace of many of the foundations of Western Civilization,that somehow lives in all diaspora Greeks today. World premiere will be on WLIW21, New York, on March 21st at 8pm

NFL Films NFL Films: Tight on the Spiral
Narrated by Pat O'Brien. In association with New Jersey Public Television and Radio (NJN), VCI is allowed inside, for the first time ever, the premiere sports movie making studios that is NFL Films. Founded in l963 by the Sabol family, this one hour show documents the courage and vision needed to put every play of every game on film, and set it to music and script that has become the benchmark for America's most popular television football. "Tight on the Spiral" had its world premiere at the Pro Football Hall of Fame on July 31st and August 1st to a packed auditorium. Steve Sabol attended and the show will have regular airings every week. Call 330-456-8207 for further information. Tight on the Spiral will be available for worldwide distribution through APT and will be sold at MIPCOM 2001. 92 stations, and possibly 18 more, will be airing this program through American Public Television.    See The List

Greek Americans Greek Americans
Narrated by Roger Caras. Produced, directed and written by VCI, this documentary is the first ever, definitive television work that story tells the culture of the Greek-Americans. With over 50 interviews, including Olympia Dukakis, George Stephanopoulos, Bob Costas and Arianna Huffington. This show documents the extraordinary successes of this group of Americans.

Greek Americans Greek Americans 2 - Passing the Torch
Narrated by Ike Pappas. A follow-up show, covering topics such as the maintenance of the Greek language, Greek women, passing on the heritage from second to third generation and more stories of the success and struggles of one of Americas most successful ethnic groups.

60 years: History of the Cleveland Browns
VCI produced, directed and wrote a two hour special that aired on FSN Ohio of the history of one of the most storied franchises in the NFL-The Cleveland Browns. Interviews included Bernie Kosar, Bob Gain, Jim Brown, Kevin Mack, Bobby Mitchell, Turkey Jones, Gary Collins, Frank Ryan, Brian Sipe, Webster Slaughter, Reggie Rucker, Aired February 2007.

A and E
Arts & Entertainment

Fire On Ice: Champions of American Figure Skating Fire On Ice: Champions of American Figure Skating
In association with Red Brick Entertainment, Inc., VCI presents this special covering the explosive growth of women's figure skating in the United States. Besides feature profiles, co-executive producers David Winner and Rob Dustin go behind the scenes on tour and capture the public's love affair with figure skating. Show aired in February 2001 and pulled at 2.2 rating against the ABC Judy Garland special.
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